About us

Yukkel Creation was founded by Yuko Takada Keller, a Japanese artist living in Denmark, in Dec. 2020. 
She is an artist who creates dynamic large scale hanging sculpture, but she has also worked as a designer since she was young. Mostly she made textile designs for curtains, carpets, tapestries and some “Kimono” and “Obi”, and also she made some accessory designs as her part time job when she was young.

The original idea of Yukkel Creation is to provide products for living spaces using pictures of artwork. We started to use, of course, her artwork pictures to make some products, which are Acrylic Blocks and Wall Calendar etc. That is our first collection.

Our second collection is “Nature”, also by Yuko’s photo collection of her Nature pictures that were taken in Denmark.

The third collection, she made some print designs for T-shirts, Aprons, Mugs etc. 

Yuko’s Artwork consists of many small pieces of tracing paper, and most of her design is based on gathering smaller pieces together into larger works.
All of our products are not art works, but we start with Yuko Takada Keller's art work to make as the artists goods (collection), and will make more variety of Artists Collection gradually.

Not only do we provide you with unique design goods for living spaces, but we also hope you can enjoy your living space with our product.
Art is necessary for human life, but it is not so easy to enjoy dynamic hanging sculptures, or some valuable real art work itself at home, but even if it is not real art work, we want people to enjoy some scenery from different Art or Nature scenes and unique designs for your life. And if that makes you enjoy real art as well, that is also nice.

Dec. 2020

Yukkel Creation in collaboration with 
Yuko Takada Keller @yukotakadakeller
Yoko Inoue
Satoshi Dobara
Yoko Matsumoto  @yuko5412 
・C-kada zakka @ckadazakka
Jun Mitsuhashi
・Keiko Inokuma @keikoinokuma





Nov 2021